How to use flowers to be the most special one in the room?

In par with music, flowers can be considered as one of the universal languages. In the history, flowers have been used to convey too many complex feelings and the theories apply to this very day. If you are planning to get flowers for someone you love on a special day for them, then you are already ahead than most. But how do you make it even perfect?

Here’s how.

  1. Get them delivered, don’t take them

Let us assume that you have your girlfriend’s birthday happening and there is a date in the evening. Rather than waiting until the evening to get her a vibrant bouquet, you could simply get one delivered. You would be amazed on the response to that because women absolutely love being appreciated like that. It doesn’t matter what type she is, this trick would always work. Does it work only for that position? No; your sister, your mother, your friend and the list goes on.

  1. Choose the flower type depending on the situation

Sending roses for a funeral home is one of the last things that you should do. The difference between a person who sends just any flowers and a person who sends unique flowers singapore is that, you have selected your choice carefully when they have just picked whatever it is there. This is why you need to correlate the nature of the event, with the type of the flowers that you pick. If it romantic, go with Roses; if it is sad, go with lilies and your florist would educate you deeper in the subject.

  1. Pay attention to the number of the flowers

Have you ever wondered why there is a specific number of flowers in a bouquet? And why there are several types of bouquets consisting of different number of flowers? That is mainly because that number represents a feeling. For an example; 3 roses is to celebrate an anniversary, 6 for an apology and 9 to symbolize eternal love. But nothing absolutely tops the 99 which technically translates to ‘you & me, until the end of time’; the choice is yours.

  1. Put a special note in it

It could be practically difficult for you to make a bouquet on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t, given how there are too many reliable professionals in the game. But one of the most amazing ways to personalize it is by putting a note inside. After all, anyone would love to know what you have to say.


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